My tasks for the weekend

This is my plan for the coming weekend. In hindsight, I should have done all this over Labor Day weekend, but what do you want me to say – I was busy watching Netflix and eating oreos. This is likely going to be an uber-rough post, so my apologies.

Format / Update

  • Backup computer
    • SQL databases should be backed up separately for easy retrieval…
  • Format
  • Install Lion, upgrade to Mountain Lion (I wish there was a ML thumb drive… Maybe I’ll format, upgrade to Lion, purchase Mountain Lion, roll my own and re-format to keep things super fresh/clean)

Restoration / Rebuilding

  • Restore the bare minimum:
    • Dev Frameworks
    • Standard Apps (ST2, CS6, iTunes, etc.)
  • Install new AMP stack if OS X-default isn’t sufficient
    • I use an NMP stack currently… I’d love to keep using it but all of our client sites run on Apache… Perhaps Apahce on 80 and nginx on 8080.
    • Reminder: Setup music proxy
  • Reinstall Parallels and recreate my VMs (Debian, Ubuntu, Trixbox, Windows via Bootcamp)

Setup Version Control

I’m still thinking about how I want to do this, but what I’ve got so far, and very likely to change…
  1. Most likely git
  2. If possible, mirrored in two locations:
    1. External HDD
    2. My webserver
  3. Again, if possible, it should keep the last 3-5 revisions locally in case I need to revert without access to remote repo.
    1. Somehow this should all sync and not delete older local revisions until synced with the remote repo.
  4. I also want to write a script that will package a site / project when I’m finished… Ideally, it would:
    1. Export all linked databases (I’m fine with providing credentials and db names)
    2. Grab the latest revision
    3. Create a text file with:
      1. the path of the git repo
      2. the command I ran to generate
      3. the date, time, and location (work/home… manual entry)
    4. Tar it all and open a finder window with the file highlighted
I’m not sure if all that is possible because I don’t know nearly enough about git, or applescript / shell scripts, so this will be a good learning experience.

Final Thoughts…

Wish me luck.

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  1. Chris D. says:

    The shell script sounds doable, but you’ll have to learn BASH first and that can sometimes be a headache… especially making sure your directories are correct. Ping me if you want some help though.

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